Replacement Windows and fibre glass panels for Caravans and Motor homes.
Welcome to AutoXtra specialists in the Replacement of Caravan and Motor homes Windows and panels We also offer additional services including towbars and quality car sales
AutoXtra Window Service
  • We have many years' experience supplying acrylic single and double glazed windows/skylights for any make or model of caravan/motorhome.
  • Our bespoke service can help match window tints that have faded over time. Many people are not aware that the colour tint of the original window fades drastically.
  • Replacements returned normally within 7-10 working days.
  • Competitively priced and guaranteed.
  • Your New Window or panel Is manufactured in the UK using individual moulds and the highest quality acrylic or GRP .Our suppliers carry stocks of many different tints of acrylic, and from these, we endeavour to match the tint of the window you send and NOT the original colour.
  • The hinge bar and catches from the original windows are refitted to the new replacement unit ensuring that the attachment to the caravan is quick and simple.
  • Moulding Acrylic for over 40 years 30 years in the caravan aftermarket guaranteeing customer satisfaction Bespoke service.
Replacement Caravan Windows Replacement Caravan Windows
AutoXtra Panel Service
  • We have many years' experience supplying GRP replacement panels from wheel arches and locker lids to full front and rear panels and shower trays for many makes and models of caravans/motor homes.
  • Our service can remould from over 3000 moulds available to us and reproduce a high quality panel in GRP which will replace your broken damage panel or shower tray
  • If there is no mould available we can take your broken parts and have a mould made out of which we can have your new panel created.
  • We are very competitively priced.
Replacement Caravan Windows and Panels
Replacement Panels
Shower Tray

Locker lids for many makes / Front and rears for many makes / Shower trays for many makes
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